Sleigh Bells jingle at St. Aloysius College

Mangalore December 13, 2008: St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore organized the “Sleigh Bells -08”, An Inter School, Pre University and College level carol singing competition today, 13th December, 2008, at 9.30 a.m. at the Loyola Hall. The program began with a prayer song. The judges of the competition were introduced to the audience and were honoured with floral bouquets.

The competition was divided into 3 categories, i.e., Pre University level, Degree level and High School level. Lots were taken before the competition by the team representatives. The competition began with the St. Agnes P.U. College Students. The Milagres P.U. College participated next, followed by the St. Aloysius P.U. College. All the groups sang very well with their melodious voice.

Christmas is a season of colors but in India most of the states were rocked by the terror attacks recently. The Roshni Nilaya degree students wore black dresses to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives in the Mumbai terror attack. They expressed their sympathies to the bereaved families of Mumbai victims. The program was compeered by Mr. Prashanth Alison and Ms. Christbell. Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Sleigh Bells 08 Results

High School Level

First Place: Anola Maria D’Souza (St Agnes Girls High School)

First Place: Anola Maria D’Souza, Neetha Sherra (St Agnes Girls High School)

First Place: St Agnes Girls High School (Anola Maria D’Souza, Neetha Sherra, Vinisha Frann, Tania Ronald Mendonca, Tinisha Pinto, Fidola Sequiera, Dale Lenissa D’ Souza, Betsy Rodrigues, Smitha Carol Pais, Sonia)

P.U Level:

First Place: Colette Nazareth (St Agnes P.U College)
Second Place: Shaun Rego(Milagres P.U College)
Third Place: Samantha Sirur (St. Aloysius P.U College)

First Place: Aureen Gomes / Rochelle D’ SA (St Agnes P.U College)
Second Place: Jessica Mathais/Sweethin Roysten(St. Aloysius P.U. College)

First Place: St. Aloysius P.U.College( Jessica Mathais, Sweethin Roysten, Binoy Rodrigues, Stephanie Amanna, Anush D’ Souza, Ronel D’ Silva, Samantha Sirur,
Athmi Rai, Neetha Ashok, Jerin Abraham)
Second Place: St Agnes P.U College (Silvia Rego, Nadeen Saldanha, Aureen Gomes, Colette Nazareth, Nicole Rosario, Roshni D’ Souza, Aquina Tadar, Rochele D’ S a,
Nilasha Rebello, Tanya Lobo)

Degree Level

First Place: Clelia D’ Souza(St Agnes College)
Second Place: Chryselle D’ Souza (Fr. Muller’s)
Third Place: Sonia Pereira(Roshni Nilaya)

First Place: Clelia D’ Souza/Swetlana Lasrado(St Agnes College)
Second Place: Sudip Devadas/Divya Mary George(Fr. Muller’s)
Third Place: Sacred Heart’s Madanthyar (Anil Ivan Fernandes/Janet Pais)

First Place: St. Agnes College (Clelia D’ Souza, Swetlana Lasrado, Lin Pinta, Saviana Gonsalves, Priya D’ Silva, Joyce Fernandes, Sarah Fernandes)
Second Place: Fr. Muller’s (Chryselle D’ Souza, Sudip Devadas, Divya Mary George
Aarthi Menon, Tina Anne John, Annie Varghese, Monica Edison, Treena Minz, Abhey Wasdev, Charles Simpson)
Third Place: Roshni Nilaya (Ashil Joseph, Jose Pops, Jacqueline Sarah, Jeri Sikah,
Divya Abraham, Della Cordeiro, Andria Lobo, Faema Tchukomoe, Philemon Raj,
Sonia Pereira)

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