Workshop on Jesuit Education In Combating Communal Agenda

The Jesuit Educational Association (JEA) in collaboration with All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) organized the South Asian Student’s workshop on “Jesuit Education in Combating Communal Agenda” from 9th to 11th January, 2009 at Loyola College, AICUF House, Chennai, India. Around 60 students from all over India and Nepal attended the workshop.

Day1: The workshop began by welcoming the guests and putting forth the dynamics, later the keynote address was delivered. There was a worship session for around 15 minutes. It was conducted in a different way, candles were lighted and flowers were given to everyone, and this helped us to get into the prayerful atmosphere. After good lunch we began with the next sessions which were on History of Communalism, Strategies, Plans and Actors of Communal Agenda . In the evening sessions on Gender Perspective and Understanding Secularism / Communalism in Cultural Perspective were taken. After the dinner a documentary on the RSS was projected. This was the program on the first day of the workshop.

Day2: after the breakfast we had sessions on Characteristics of Jesuit Education. This session made us feel proud of being Jesuit college students. Then the Orientation for Interaction with student community was held. We had to visit different colleges in Chennai and had to interact with the student community. In the late afternoon a Group discussion was held. We had to present the report which was prepared during the interaction with the students. After the dinner an informal gathering was held.

Day3: the workshop we had to formulate the declaration. Then we had to present the Plan of Action and Recommendations. The three day workshop concluded with the valedictory.during the valedictory all the participants were given certificates.

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