Is Nuclear Power a Boon or a Bane?

900136-xsAfter coming home from the college after the lecture this sundown, I switched on the Television (which I habitually don’t; I am always hooked up on my comp, so TV is my last fondness). And I was in fact stunned to hear that Pakistan had a stock pile of nearly 60 nuclear weapons! (That’s a great deal! And a big threat to the neighbors if it falls into the wrong hands…).

As the news report continued, even more shameful facts came into light! In the past two years three of Pakistan’s Nuclear Bases were attacked (each one once, so total three attacks… yeah, that’s right…), so the main question you would have asked would be, who attacked? As of now you may have figured it yourself. Yes, you maybe right…Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Al-Qaeda (the terrorists). The main mastermind behind this as said in the news report was Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan saw to it that the news of the security breaches never leaked out its borders. As USA has always been warning Pakistan that its nuclear stock piles are not safe anymore; the PM of Pakistan always denied it saying that all its Nuclear Bases are under tight security. But now he may have to change his statements.

Copy of pakistan_nuclear_test WQThe fist nuclear tests in Pakistan took place in Kharan desert and Ras Koh back in 1998, this added Pakistan in the list of a few countries having Nuclear Capabilities. But since then the progress has been overwhelming. They are still preparing nuclear weapons. And right now they have nearly 60 nuclear weapons in their nuclear bases.

So the major concerns now are; why is Pakistan producing so many nuclear weapons? Are they preparing it to go on a war, or for their defense network? What ever the answer is, if these weapons fall into the wrong hands, then its quiet sure that, the terrorists will definitely use it against Pakistan or India or USA( Because they had always attacked the settlements of the terrorists in the past).

pakistan-map-airbaseNow the concern is, if there is a nuclear war/attack in near future (which I pray should never happen) what will happen to our environment? You all know about Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the nuclear radiation had affected the surroundings so adversely that you can still see it in the present generation of the infected people. So what may be the possible solution for this? Avoiding Nuclear weapons from falling into wrong hands or stopping the production? Both of this seems to me difficult as for now.

What do you think “Is Nuclear Power a Boon or a Bane?”

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2 thoughts on “Is Nuclear Power a Boon or a Bane?

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  2. This is really a matter of great concern ,it also highlightsour helplessness as a nation.Do not understand why all the so called powerful countries seem to be perpetually appeasing Pakistan?Even after knowing its potentialities and gory intentions.

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