Most of the Orkut profiles (Indian Citizens) go tri-color on Independence Day !

15-08-2009, Mangalore: Well frankly speaking I got up late today as usual 🙂 I was supposed to attend to the mass (Event: Annunciation of Mother Mary) today at 7:30 A.M. in our church (i.e. in Surathkal) but I didn’t go since I got up late at 7:25 A.M.. So after getting up from bed, I had my breakfast and then went online to check today’s news. After that I logged onto I usually change my themes and status messages, in all the social networking sites, I am a part of. But today it actually went out of my mind, until I was reminded; My friend Dhiwin had actually left a scrap (message/scribble) on my profile. Below is a snapshot of the scrap, have a look.


So after reading the scrap I googled (searched in for images (Search term: Indian Flag +Animated); the results were overwhelming, but I had to cut short and end up in a few results. After choosing the best images I needed, I launched Photoshop (Photo editing software which I use) and then started editing my profile picture. Below is the result of my work.


After editing the picture, I uploaded the picture and changed it in myprofile. Later I updated my status message. The last task was to change the theme. I changed my theme to the ‘Independence Day’ that was readily available in Orkut’s list of themes.Here is a snapshot of my profile.(Sensitive information removed due to security reasons).


At last I finished my work. It was already 8:30 A.M. and I was supposed to reach the college (I study in St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore) at 9:00 A.M. for the flag hoist. Well, I reached there on time (Oops a bit late; only 10 minutes, no problem. 😛 )

For my surprise I saw a lot of Orkut profiles going tricolor today.

Did you celebrate Independence day on Orkut? Sounds strange, BUT I DID 🙂

Happy Independence Day, India. Many more years to come, this is just the 62nd 😉

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