Green, Clean and Plastic Free Campus @ St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore – Press Release 2

When the Earth dies, where will you live?


“Go Green” is one of the most popular catchphrases uttered in today’s society. Everyone is in a struggle to go green and save the environment. When green movement was initiated, it was small and largely unnoticed on a global scale. As time progressed, however, the world became more interested in saving their planet.

To “go green” is to strive for sustainability and protection of the environment. It consists of doing things to protect and conserve the Earth. In light of the worries of global warming and environmental deterioration, our students will completely stop using plastic, and contribute in a Green, Clean And Plastic Free Campus.

Going green is not something that you do on occasion. By this we are trying to bring a sense of responsibility among the students. We will stop using plastic and use alternatives like recycled paper and also give more importance on cleanliness and hence we will contribute in protecting and sustaining the environment.


The management, staff and students of St. Aloysius College will launch the campaign-‘Green, Clean and Plastic Free Campus’ on 02-09-2009, Wednesday. Rev Fr. Joseph I. Rodrigues and Rev Fr. Swebert D’Silva will bless and inaugurate the campaign respectively.

MC: Keerthana Gadiyar, Speaker Students’ Council.

• Introduction about the campaign.
• Addressing the gathering – Prof. Precilla Patrao, Dept. of Zoology
• Prayer Song – College Choir
• Insight of the campaign – Prof. M.L. Sureshnath, HOD Dept. of Botany
• Presidential Address – Rev. Fr. Swebert D’Silva, Principal
• Deliverance of the Oath – Darryl D’Souza, President Students’ Council
• Unveiling the eco-friendly paper bags – Rev Fr. Joseph I. Rodrigues, Rector
• Environmental Song – College Choir
• Vote of Thanks – Daphny D’Souza, Joint Secretary Students’ Council
• Procession around the campus – ‘Jatha’ with the placards
• Placards to be placed in different locations in the campus

Students will be wearing shades of green and others will wear green ribbons on their clothes to bring in a feeling of protecting the environment and also to symbolize the importance of this campaign. Green placards made out of recycled material will be placed in different locations of the campus to remind us of the oath that we have taken to maintain a Green, Clean And Plastic Free Campus.

The recycled paper bags that we will be distributing are prepared by the handicapped children of Chetanaya Aashram, and hence we are indirectly supporting them through this initiative.

People responsible for this initiative:
• AICUF- All India Catholic University Federation
• Rev. Fr. Swebert D’Silva S.J., Principal
• Rev. Fr. Joseph I. Rodrigues S.J., Rector
• Rev. Fr. Francis D’Almeida, Campus Minister
• Prof. Precilla Patrao, Dept. of Zoology
• Prof. Alwyn D’Sa, Dept. of English
• Members of the Students’ Council
• Members of all the associations of the College

Sponsor for the recycled paper bags:
• M/s Asian Trading Corporation, Bangalore

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