Sangaath Suvaalo held at St. Aloysius

By Roydon D’Souza – Team Mangalorean

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Mangalore 26, September 2009: The Konkani Association of St. Aloysius College organised the Inter-Collegiate Konkani Competition ‘Sangaath Suvaalo’ in the Auditorium of St. Aloysius College (Autonomous) to commemorate the glorious occasion of stepping into the 15th year of its existence in the College.

The program began with invoking God’s blessing through a prayer song lead by the association members. Later, Mrs. Severine Pinto welcomed the gathering.

Mr. Edwin J. F. D’Souza, Executive Director, Konkani Institute was the Chief Guest. Mrs. Concepta Fernandes, A.I.R. Functional Supervisor was the Guest of Honour and Rev. Fr. Francis D’Álmeida presided over the inaugural function. A floral welcome was given to the guests present on the dais.

‘Sangaath Suvaalo’ was inaugurated by playing the traditional ‘Gummat’ by Mr. Edwin D’Souza followed by the public release of the New Association Logo by the guests.

Speaking to the gathering in the Chief Guest’s Address, Mr. Edwin D’Souza, Executive Director Konkani Institute said that Culture is not only about speaking one’s language or preserving the tradition, but it is about making way to growth and development. ”Talent rests within students but in order to utilise them we need to provide a good platform like ‘Sangaath Suvaalo’ to exhibit them” he added.

“We need to think positively, in the right way, which is called Culture or Tradition” said Fr. Francis Almeida, Campus Minister in the Presidential Address. “We need to keep the values alive” he added.

“We need to honour our Language and our Motherland as we honour our own Mother” said Mrs. Concepta Fernandes, A.I.R. Functional Supervisor while addressing the gathering in the Guest of Honours’Speech.

The Exhibition organised by the Association Members remained the center of attraction.  The archive collection of the Konkani Journals by Mrs. Gladis Rego, Konkani Author included the inaugural editions of Rakno, Konkani Dirvem, Vajrr, Mithr, Sankal and many other famous journals. Her work was really appreciated.

More than 15 Colleges participated in this event. Group Singing, Group Dance, Comedy Talent Hunt and Collage Making were some of the competitions held.

The valedictory function was held at 3:00 P.M; Mr. Eric Ozario, Director – Mandd Sobhann was the chief guest. Mrs. Gladis Rego, Konkani Author was the Guest of Honour and Fr. Swebert D’Silva, Principal St Aloysius College presided over the function.

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