Imprints 2010 @ SAC – Coming Soon

St. Aloysius College (Autonomous)



Imprints 2010 – A National Level Science Fest

Imprints 2010

The program is scheduled in the last week of January 2010.

Sponsors and Well-wishers can contact

Mr. Roydon D’Souza

Media Publicity Head

Students’ Council 09

St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore

Ph: +91 9738401320

+91 9739791096


Staff Co-Ordinator:

Mr. Hariprasad Shetty

Ph..:(M) +91 9945886947

Student Co-Ordinator:

Mr. Chengappa AD

Ph.: (M) +91 9739462784

2 thoughts on “Imprints 2010 @ SAC – Coming Soon

  1. I didnt design this.. the student co-ordinator did it… i am doing a better one… starting from scratch…. 🙂

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