United Youngsters present Wilfy Nite to commemorate 50 Golden Years

By Roydon D’ Souza
Pics by Violet Pereira
Team Mangalorean – Mangalore

Link: Click Here

Mangalore 18, October 2009: United Youngsters Association, Mangalore presented the 248th Wilfy Nite at the Milagres Jubilee Hall today at 5:50 P.M. to commemorate the glorious occasion of it completing 50 golden years.

Mr. Claude D’ Souza welcomed the gathering. Mr. Harold ‘Harry’ D’Silva speaking on behalf of the founders said that “We just sowed the seed by forming ‘United Yougsters’ but Wilfy Rebimbus nurtured it and strengthened it and now it has become a big tree”.

The presence of the founders Mr. Persi D’Sa, Mr. Wilfred Mendonsa, Mr. Harry D’Souza, Mr. Vincy Lorena, Mr. Donald D’Souza and Mr. Cilfford D’Souza made the event memorable. Capt. Merwin Pinto was the Chief Guest on this occasion and Most. Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo presided over the function. A floral welcome was given to the guests. Many eminent personalities from the Konkani Catholic community were present on this occasion.

The founders were felicitated by the Bishop with flowers, shawl and memento followed by the DVD release of the first ever Konkani Colour Film of South Canara, “Mog ani Maipas”. The DVD was released by Mrs. Rose Pinto mother of Capt. Merwin Pinto, Producer. Later, Capt. Merwin Pinto, Chief Guest felicitated Most. Rev. Dr. Gerald Lobo.

apt. Merwin Pinto in the Chief Guests address recalled the olden days back in 1950s. It was in 1959 that a group of 13 teenagers (in the age group of 13-15 years) of the Jeppu Cross friends circle formed the group ‘United Younsters’. He said “Culture and Tradition is inborn; it is the duty of the parents to teach it to our next generation”.

“I was just 13 years old as a violinist in the group when I approached Wilfy for help when there was just a week left for the show. But Wilfy wholeheartedly supported us and trained us 12 hours a day and we successfully staged ‘Mai Makaa Adainaka’ in a week as scheduled,”  Capt. Pinto recalled.

Later, the DVD of Sentimental Nite was released by Capt. Merwin Pinto. A Relief Fund for victims of the recent floods in North Karnataka was declared open when Mr. Wilfy gave his contribution, later the funds were collected from the audience. The fund will be sent through the Mangalore Diocese to the affected areas.

In his Presidential Speech Most Rev. Dr. Lobo said “From the past 50 years ‘United Youngsters’ has loved and nurtured Konkani language”. He also said that “Its really satisfying to know that this association was able to discontinue the traditional way of singing Konkani lyrics with Hindi music tracks and have created and contributed in plenty to Konakni Music”. He also said that “United Youngsters have created a new revolution in Konkani Music and this has helped many Konkani singers”.

Later, Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus presented a memento to Most. Rev. Dr. Gerald Lobo followed by the vote of thanks by Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus. The presentation of the old preserved photographs of the association members and their work helped us replenish our old memories.

Later, Mr. Wilfy and Mrs. Meena performed “Suryacha Kirnani Daryaacha Laaraani” the 45 year old duet. The “Lungi” song was performed by Claud D’ Souza, Ivan Sequira and Prem. Dolla and Memory group with their skits and scene from “Kedi Bona” brought in humour.

An evening filled with foot tapping songs from Wify Rebimbus and his troupe made the crowd go crazy. Songs like “Dis Boro Udela”, “Sabgeethachi Vodvik Gaitha”, Kalchya Rathik Sopan Dekla”, “Dayana”, “Gulobacha Pantyachi Thi Theen Paana”, “Somnsaar Daktho Kela Mobilaan”, “Mainyaachi Payli Thaarik”, “Sanyaachi Raath Aiychi”, “Polcha Nasaa, Tumi Polka Nasaa”  were performed. The entire programme was compeered by Mr. Leslie Rego.

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