Proceedings of the State Convention of Karnataka AICUF – Meeting 2

By Roydon D’Souza, Vice President – AICUF Karnataka

The proceedings of the Core Committee Meeting of Karnataka AICUF held on 12th November 2009 at 5:50 P.M. in the IT Block of St Aloysius College premises.

Agenda of the meeting

Reviewing the Schedule of the Convention

Reviewing the Appeal Letter

Reviewing the Guest List of the Convention

The meeting started with a short prayer. Fr. Francis D’Almeida S.J. invoked God’s blessing. Fr. Wilson, Capt. John Prasad, Mr. Prashanth Alison, Mrs. Roseveera, Dr. Norbert Lobo, Mr. Joslin Lobo, Mr. Alwyn D’Souza, Mr. Rolvin Sunil, Ms. Pearl Rebello, Fr. Roodie, Prof. John Edward D’Silva and Prof. Manoj Lewis along with the AICUFers Cassandra  Rosario, Dezma Fernandes and Christabel D’Souza were present for the meeting.The status of the ongoing invitation distribution was presented by Fr. Francis D’Almeida S.J. He said that the students would be going to various institutions and parishes to handover the invitations of the State Convention personally to the institution heads; by this he believes that the institutions would be encouraged to send in their delegates. When asked about the eligibility and number of participation from each unit, Fr. Francis said that as per the constitution only 6 members would be eligible to participate. “The ultimate decision would be taken by the Core Committee of the State Convention” he added.

Fr. Francis presented the appeal letter and the budget before the committee; he said that the expenditure of the State Convention would go up to 17 lakhs. The program schedule was also presented; both the appeal letter and the schedule were later reviewed by the committee.

Dr. Norbert Lobo suggested including a Human Entrepreneur in the IV session i.e. Entrepreneurship, Employment & Youth in a Globalised World. Later the committee suggested to include Sr. Agnesia Frank and Mrs. Sonia Dominica in the VI session i.e. Gender Issues.

The Committee decided to include separate sessions to revise and suggest amendments to the AICUF Constitution; the units will study the constitution in parts and later suggest amendments on Monday, 28 December 2009 (as suggested).

Fr. Roodie in-charge of the Food Committee also expressed the inability to arrange food for the entire crowd in the hostel; he later agreed to arrange the food only for the boys boarding the hostel.

Capt. John Prasad suggested including Mr. Cutinho an IAS Officer, Mr. Tinu D’Sa and the Furtado Brothers of Saibaba Hospitals, Bangalore into the guest and resource persons list for the convention. He also suggested an outing on the last day of the Convention; however Fr. Francis expressed his inability to arrange an outing due to the large number of participants.

Fr. Francis presented the potential sponsorship list before the Core Committee and explained the problems in striking a deal with Pepsico Holdings as the Main Sponsors for the Convention. “It is the ideology of AICUF that is stopping us from the deal” he added. To this Capt. John Prasad said “A Change of mindset is all that we require going ahead with the deal”. He later suggested striking a deal with Pepsico Holding as their brand name Lays (Fritolays Division) or Slice (Mango Juice) both product lines owned by Pepsico Holdings.

In-charge of all the committees agreed to call their respective committee meetings before 27th November 2009; the reports of which will be submitted in the next Core Committee meeting. It was decided t call the next meeting on 27 November 2009 at 5:30 P.M.

The meeting ended at 7:00 P.M.

One thought on “Proceedings of the State Convention of Karnataka AICUF – Meeting 2

  1. Hi,

    Wondering if you would be able to share the contact details of Ex- AICUFers in your network. I am an Ex- AICUFer myself and have started a Face Book group “Ex-AICUFers” for all Ex-AICUFers from all over India.

    Shall keep you updated on the progress of building a movement of Ex-AICUFers.

    In Solidarity,


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