Buddies again: Nostalgic memories at 35-year St Aloysius school reunion

By Roydon D’Souza
Team Mangalorean, Mangalore

Link: Click Here (For More Pics)

Mangalore, December 27, 2009: The month of December is the perfect season for celebrating any occasion be it a wedding or a family re-union. The alumni of the Class of 1975 at St Aloysius Primary and High School chose this occasion to celebrate their re-union. It was a nostalgic journey down the memory lane for the school buddies who came together in large numbers at the Reunion function held at St. Aloysius High School Hall today December 27, 2009.

The program began at 7PM with the Assembly- by singing the School Anthem followed by Mr. Sathish Prabhu welcoming the gathering.

Rev. Fr. Denzil Rasquinha S.J, Former Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Pinto S.J., Former Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ignatius, Rector- St Aloysius College Institutions, Rev. Fr. Denzil Lobo S.J., Director of  AIMIT and Rev. Fr. Melwyn Pinto S.J., Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School were present for the event.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Ravishankar Rao, Class of 1975 said “Crossing continents, transcending time, with smiles across the miles, we have come together for the great Reunion. To remember our Alma Mater, to pay tribute to our teachers and staff, to relive those glorious days, and to launch the Class of 1975 Alumni Trust for learning with dignity”.

He also said “By all accounts, this is truly amazing story, a miracle of sorts, if you will. those 35 years after passing out from St. Aloysius High School, we could all come together again.”

The memoirs of yester years were once again rejuvenated as Mr. Ravishankar Rao took the group back into those olden, youthful, cheerful days full of happiness and joy; with the help of a graphical presentation.

Mr Vinod Menezes honoured Rev. Fr. Denzil Rasquinha S.J., Former Headmaster, St Aloysius High School with a memento, shawl and a bouquet of flowers followed by Mr. Ananth honouring Fr. Lawrence Pinto Former Headmaster, St Aloysius High School.

Mr. Rolland Monteiro honoured Mrs. Severine D’Siva, known as ‘Silva Teacher’ among her students; Mr. Valerian Coloaco – ‘Coloaco Teacher’ was honoured by Mr. Nazeer Ahmed.

Speaking to the gathering, Fr. Denzil Rasquinha praised and congratulated ‘The Class of 1975’ for organizing the reunion and said “Let the same unity be continued in everyday of your life; remember we are Indians and we have to see that our country is unified, peaceful and successful”. Mr. Colaco shared his memories with ‘The Class of 1975’.

Addressing the gathering Fr. Lawrence Pinto thanked God for keeping him alive to see this day; he also said that this was his happiest day and he thanked the organizers for organizing the reunion.

On this occasion Fr. Joseph Ignatius S.J., Rector and Fr. Melwyn S.J., Headmaster launched ‘The Class of 1975 Alumni Trust’. The trust was registered on 26th November 2009 and has elected Mr. Jude Rego as the President of ‘The Class of 1975 Alumni Trust’. It aims to provide Books, School Bags, Uniform, Sports Fund and Medical Aid to the needy children in the High Schools through their Headmasters.

Mr. Rolland Monteiro handed over the token Cheque of ‘The Class of 1975 Alumni Trust’ to Fr. Melwyn Pinto S.J, Headmaster of St Aloysius High School. Later, Mr. Valerian and Mrs. Severine released the batch profile of ‘The Class of 1975’.

‘The Class of 1975’ honoured a special guest Mr. Ananth Shenoy. Mr. Shenoy used to sell ‘Charmuri’ and Sugarcane Juice near the college gate. Mr Ravishankar said that it was Mr. Shenoy who used to bring smiles on our faces, when we used to reach to his shop tired.

Mr. Vinod Menezes and Mr. Ananth Agarwal were honoured by Mr. Jossy Lobo and Mr. Jude Rego respectively. Later, Fr. Lawrence, Mr. Colaco and Mrs. Severine honoured all the students of ‘The Class of 1975’.

Mr. Selwyn Colaco and Mr. Purushotham honoured Mr. Jude Rege. Mr. Rego was the brain behind this event. He was the one who collected the addresses of all members of the 1975 batch.

Mr. Maryl delivered the vote of thanks. Later the program continued with the cultural performances.

Earlier in the morning at 10:00 A.M. ‘The Class of 1975’ offered a thanks giving mass in St Aloysius Chapel. Fr. Denzil Rasquinha and Fr. Lawrrence Pinto celebrated the Eucharistic Mass.

Later in the evening at 4:00 P.M. ‘The Class of 1975’ gathered in Xth B Class. It was a memorable sight to see Fr. Rasquinha calling out the master roll of the 10th Standard of 1975 and the students answering in the same way they used to do back then 35 years ago.

Mr. Ravishankar speaking to our Correspondent recalled that he used to bring a small trunk to school in which he used to carry his books, but later in the day, his friends would empty the trunk and use it for hiding mangoes which they used to steal it from the tree near the school. He also recalled how he had preserved the trunk and has brought it back to relive those moments lost in time.

‘The Class of 1975’ relived those childhood days again after 35 years in the same classroom where they used to study. They also used to cut mangaoes on the last bench and pass it on to their friends during class hours, but they used to give the highest repect to all their teachers and ‘masters’ says one of the student

The Reunion of ‘The Class of 1975’ brought in a smile on every face! Truly… this reunion will not be forgotten by these buddies for another 35 years to come!

Link: Click Here (For More Pics)

2 thoughts on “Buddies again: Nostalgic memories at 35-year St Aloysius school reunion

  1. Nice posts Royden! I guess all these people had thier very own sweet memories! All the fun they had in school, the tricks they played. Hope one day even i will get a chance like this.:):)

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