Mangalore: A Nostalgic homecoming for St. Aloysius 77 alumni

By Roydon D’Souza Team Mangalorean, Mangalore
With additional inputs from orgranizers

Link: Click Here (For More Pics)

Mangalore, January 4, 2010: The alumni of the 1977 batch of St Aloysius High School met for a reunion after 33 long years at St. Aloysius High School. It was a nostalgic journey down the memory lane for the school buddies who came together in large numbers at the Reunion function held at St. Aloysius High School on January 03, 2010.

The reunion function began with a Welcome address by Mr. Loyola Pinto, Chief Organizer; Rev. Fr. Denis Rasquinha S.J, Former Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Pinto S.J., Former Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ignatius S.J., Rector- St Aloysius College Institutions and Rev. Fr. Melwyn Pinto S.J., Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School were present for the event.

Addressing the gathering, Fr. Denis Rasquinha praised and congratulated the classmates of ’77 for organizing the reunion and said “Let the same unity be continued in everyday of your life; remember we are Indians and we have to see that our country is unified, peaceful and successful”.

Fr. Lawrence Pinto on this joyful occasion thanked God for keeping him alive to see this day; he also said that this was one of his happiest days and he thanked the organizers for organizing the reunion. He concluded by quoting the Holy Bible  the seeds which fell in the good soil grew and gave yield in hundred folds. and you are the good soil”

Speaking on this occasion Rev. Fr. Joseph Ignatius S.J., Rector- St Aloysius College Institutions said We should always forget the bad things that happened to us in our childhood days and try to reunite; for whatever has happened was done in the best intention of developing discipline among the students”. He concluded by congratulating the organisers for organizing the reunion.

Rev. Fr. Denis Rasquinha S.J. and Fr. Lawrence Pinto S.J. Former Headmasters, St Aloysius High School were honored with a memento, shawl and a bouquet of flowers. The formal program concluded with the College Anthem.

Later, the classmates of ’77 gathered in their old classroom. It was a memorable sight to see Fr. Melwyn Pinto S.J, present Headmaster calling out the master roll and the students answering in the same way they used to do back then 33 years ago. The classmates of ’77 relived those childhood days again after 33 years in the same classroom where they used to study. The Reunion brought in a smile on every face!

A two minute silence was then observed in memory of the classmates who had passed away. Fr. Melwyn then spoke in brief about the developments which have taken place and answered all queries of the classmates of ’77 with ease.

The memoirs of yester years were once again rejuvenated as they shared their memories of those olden, youthful, cheerful days full of happiness and joy; a sapling was then planted by the former headmasters on behalf of the classmates in front of the High School Hall.

To experience the fun they used to have traveling by a school bus back in their childhood days, they then boarded two school buses, and proceeded to the farm house as guests of their own generous classmate, Nitin Shetty in Deralakatte. The Farm House was not only beautifully set up in true party decor but also blended well with the greenery around. After relishing some tender coconuts and sweet toddy the party mood was on. With the customary welcome the classmates were then asked to introduce themselves and also recollect the funny and interesting events which took place during their school days. Wow! The soul-searching stuff which flowed from their heart will surely remain etched in memory for a lifetime.

To enliven the atmosphere there was not only a DJ with his collection of music but also a live band named as the ’77 Reunion Master Blasters’ comprised of the classmates of the very same class of 1977 (which will also be a unique feat hard to break for years to come) who rocked the gathering. A sumptuous spread of food added spice to the occasion.

With the memories and thrills experienced by the classmates it was a day never to forget – the 3rd of January 2010 which also coincidentally happened to be the birthday of our host Nitin Shetty who had the privilege to be wished by 77 of his classmates – another feat which will last for decades.

Three Doctor classmates then planted 3 saplings at the farm with a promise to come back again to watch not only the saplings grow but also prayed that the bond between the classmates of ’77 grows further and reach great heights. With the three famous D’s Dinner, Drinks and Dance in full swing the party raved till late evening and the classmates finally reluctantly bid goodbye to each other, while specifically asking for more such reunions to be organized and draw plans to repay their Alma Mater in the best way possible. To sum it up the ’77 batch Reunion will go unparalleled in history, while the snapshots speak for themselves. Many exclaimed “Oh what an awesome reunion it was!”

Never in the history of more than 125 years of existence of St. Aloysius institutions has there been a reunion of 77 attendees. A record hard to break! The magic figures – 77 classmates of year ’77 meeting after 33 years speaks volumes about the efforts put in by the organisers.

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