Milestone Music Concert to be held for a cause

By Roydon D’Souza, Team Mangalorean
With Inputs from Milestone Music Group, Mangalore

Mangalore 26, January 2010: Milestone is one of the most youthful and talented music bands of Mangalore. Milestone has made a place in the heart of the people of Mangalore & Udupi, despite the fact that the band came into existence only a year ago, in 2009.

Milestone has always enthralled the audience with their performances ranging from soft ballads, disco, rock, pop, folk, fusion to foot tapping Baila numbers; Milestone plays all kinds a Genres with a blend of Coastal essence; playing Konkani music with a modern tinge is the specialty of this band.

Kevin Misquith, Lead Vocalist of Milestone; a well known and talented Composer-Musician-Singer is the main source behind the formation of MiLeStoNe Music Group. He is well known among the Konkani music lovers around the world, he is been working in the Konkani music field for the past few years.

Kevin Misquith released his first Konkani Debut Album ‘Rupnem’ in 2004. Following the huge response of his debut album he released yet another Konakni hit album ‘Tuji Yaad’ in 2007. His latest Konkani Rock album ‘He Jeen’ in 2008 had a good response among Konkani and Non-Konkani Music Lovers and was a huge success. ‘He Jeen’ was nominated at the Global Konkani Music Awards and won the award for the ‘Best Musicians from Mangalore and Goa’ category.

Kevin Misquith is not only a well talented music composer, but is also gifted with good leadership qualities; active in most of the social activities, he has also served in many youth associations as the office bearer and driven them towards success with his leadership skills during his tenure.

After the huge success of his music albums and music shows, with his able leadership and organizing skills, he came up with the idea of forming a musical band. He was supported by two other young musicians from Surathkal, Lionel Crasta & Ashwin Sequeira are the co-founders of Milestone Musical Band.

Lionel Crasta the man behind the Keys is a highly talented musician with powerful backing vocals. He has many years of experience in the music field, right from his school and college level music shows.

Ashwin Sequeira is the lead guitarist & co-vocalist of the band; he lends his voice to add to the magic which defines the TRIO.

Milestone intends not to have any barrier of language or genres, but Konkani music will always be the priority of the band. Even during the adverse effect of western culture, Milestone strives to make Konkani music more entertaining and enjoyable to the modern youth, filling a sense of fulsome happiness among them while keeping them connected to the Konkani culture.

Milestone dedicates its music to the youth of Mangalore but promises to entertain all age groups. Milestone started its journey by playing at small parties and weddings but likes to make it big very soon.

Hence we, here at Milestone Music Group need you to be with us throughout our journey, with your love and support; we promise to be excellent in our music while leaving our success to you.

Milestone Music Concert

Milestone Music Concert is first of Milestone Music Group’s Music concerts. The music concert will host the compositions of multi-talented songwriter and composer Kevin Misquith; while Ashwin-Lionel-Kevin will endow the music. The show will also pay tribute to the legends of Konkani music by performing their classic numbers and take you aback to the 60’s and 70’s era; while trying to revive Konkani music among the younger generation. It will also present the new age compositions of Kevin without distorting the original essence of Konkani music. The concert promises to entertain all age groups while being a complete family entertainer.  This Music Concert is conceptualized and envisioned by Kevin Misquith and will be organized by Milestone Music Group under his able leadership.

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