St. Aloysius College (Autonomous) to host Imprints 2010

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By Roydon D’Souza, Team Mangalorean, Mangalore

Mangalore, 30, January 2010: The Students and Science Faculty of St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore are gearing up to host the most awaited National Level Science Fest and Exhibition – Imprints 2010 on 3rd and 4th February 2010.

The inaugural ceremony of Imprints 2010 will be held on Wednesday, 3rd February 2010 at 9:00 A.M in the College Premises; Prof. Patrick Tauro, Former Director – Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar will be the Chief Guest; Rev. Fr. Swebert D’Silva S.J., Principal – St Aloysius College (Autonomous) will preside over the function.

Imprints 2010 will witness a number of educative, fun-filled, career oriented and brainstorming events in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Life Sciences and Biology like The Next Regan, Nuclear Arsenal, Zyklon- B, Digits Of Mayhem, The Metal Curtain, The Saving Thesis, Predator Drone, Avagadro’s Thesis, Pu- 239, Fraunhofer, Amazon Frenzy, Neuron Lapse, Confusion, Virtual Battlefield (Counter Strike, Dota, NFS Most Wanted), Da Alien Code, Q- Blizzard, Trench Warfare, Al Figaro, The Lone Wolf And Medley of Models (Science Exhibition).

The main attraction of Imprints 2010 will be the Medley of Models (Science Exhibition). Imprints 2010 will witness more than 100 science models exhibited by various teams.All the events of Imprints 2010 are based on the theme “La Guerre De Scientia” meaning ‘War of Science/ Cold War’. It does not have anything to do with the state-of-political-conflict between the USA and the USSR. It’s an idea to show that, we are experiencing a cold war, not with any country; but a war of the human race with our own Planet Earth.

Our technological advancements have started this war; by acting ignorant to all the existing pollution and havoc; and due to our irresponsibility this war has worsened. The shadow of Hades is upon us and only we are to WIN the Cold War and STOP it. Let us fight this war, for our lives, for our planet…’End the war or end the earth?’ – One question… Many Answers…

The valedictory and prize distribution ceremony of Imprints 2010 will be held on Thursday, 4th February 2010 at 3:30 P.M.; Padma Bhushan Prof. B. M. Hegde, Former Vice Chancellor – MAHE Deemed University, Manipal will be the Chief Guest; Rev. Fr. Jospeh Ignatius Rodrigues S.J., Rector – St Aloysius Institutions, Mangalore will preside over the functions.

About Imprints:

I= Identify
M= Motivate
P= promote the
R= reasoning capacity,
I= Intelligence, competitive spirit and
N= Natural and growing
T= Talent in
S= Science

Started first in 1999, now stepping into its glorious 11th year, Imprints has now become an integral and inseparable part of Aloysian learning.

Science is a subject of reason, the subject of exploration and possibilities. Imprints bring out this wonderful subject out into the open forum, making it interesting and easily accessible.

It is undoubted, we are living in an era of scientific progress and development, but this has led to destruction of the greatest gift we are bestowed with – Planet Earth. Why is this happening? It is alls because of man’s unending greed.

It is time we ask ourselves, what is the fate of the Earth, if we continue this way? How much have we done to save the Earth?

These are hard questions, and the answers are not clearly known. We firmly believe that unity is the sole way of obtaining answers to these questions

Imprints bring students of various colleges together, matching their brains and wits against each other, all in festive and competitive atmosphere. Challenging students to aim at greater heights, this fest nurtures their scientific temper and makes them move further in the quest for knowledge.

What do our students gain?
Imprints is a National Level Science fest solely designed by the students and exclusively for students. Students learn

  • To Work in a team-Co- operation
  • Organization Skill- Co- ordination
  • Greater awareness of the latest developments in various fields of science- Reducing complication
  • Reasoning and creativity – The gift of conviction
  • Practical thinking and execution- Collaboration

So friends what are you waiting for? Plan out your ideas, work your heart and soul into them and bring everyone closer to this wonderful subject of reason, exploration and possibilities.

Imprints 2010 – Event List

1.   Seminar :- THE NEXT REGAN

· Physical Sciences- NUCLEAR ARSENAL

· Life sciences- ZYKLON- B

2.   Mathematics- DIGITS OF MAYHEM

3.   Physical Sciences- THE METAL CURTAIN

· Written test (Prelims)- THE SAVING THESIS

· Identifying experiment- PREDATOR DRONE

4.   Chemical sciences- Pu- 239

· Written test- AVAGADRO’S THESIS

· Performing experiment- FRAUNHOFER

5.   Life sciences- AMAZON FRENZY

· Memory test- NEURON LAPSE


– Plant round

– Animal round

– Maha confusion

6.   Computer sciences


– Counter strike


– NFS Most wanted

· Coding and debugging- DA ALIEN CODE

– Preliminary

– Finals

– Web designing

7.  Quiz- Q- BLIZZARD

– Preliminary

– Finals

8.  Scientific search – TRENCH WARFARE

9.  News letter – AL FIGARO

10.Personality- THE LONE WOLF

11.Exhibition- MEDLEY OF MODELS

About St. Aloysius College:

St Aloysius College (Autonomous) is a Jesuit college in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. It is situated on a 37-acre campus atop Light House Hill, overlooking the Arabian Sea.

The College traces its origins to 1880 when some European Jesuits who had landed in Mangalore three years earlier put up a College for the education of Catholic Youth. Along with the college was built a chapel dedicated to St Aloysius Gonzaga and painted by a Jesuit Brother, Antonio Moscheni, who came especially from Italy to do the work. This unique work of Baroque art in India is visited by thousand of people every year. Saint Aloysius Chapel of Mangalore.

The St. Aloysius College is managed by the Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society which is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and admits students without discriminating against any religion, caste or creed and seeks to establish a collegial environment in which those of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in the community in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect.

The College is impeccable in its rich heritage and proud of all its students and alumni who have excelled in various spheres of life. In other words education in Mangalore is almost synonymous with St Aloysius College.

The College became autonomous in 2007, giving scope for rapid progress and also enabling students to perform their best.  It has now been re-accredited with a high ‘A’ Grade by NAAC with 3.48.
Contact Information: (for interested Sponsors and Participants):

Online Registrations:


Staff Co-ordinator: Mr. Hariprasad Shetty – +919945886947
Student Co-ordinator: Chengappa A.D- +91 9739462784

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