The entire Airtel Telecom Network went down for more than 6 hours in some parts of Surathkal (Mangalore) today

29-07-2009 Surathkal, Mangalore: The entire Airtel telecom network went down in Surathkal (18 kms away from Mangalore city)  for more that 6 hours this afternoon after 2:00 P.M. It  has not yet recovered (its 8:00 P.M now). There are no official reports yet so as for why the network is not working.

The first problem I faced was when I tried to call my dad’s Airtel number (thank God mine is Vodafone), the quick response from Airtel was that the phone was switched off. Then I tried calling other residents of Surathkal from my contacts, the same problem continued. Then when I reached Surathkal my friends said the network was down from around 2:00 P.M and they were facing a lot of problems. Many of them missed some important calls and all that.. 🙂

So what do you think is the problem? Is it a technical fault in the tower or some backup generator failure? Whatever the reason is, the people of Surathkal  had to face a lot of problems today due to this technical glitch 😦

Lets hope for the best in the future from Airtel! 🙂