St. Christopher Association Of Surathkal Celebrates Annual Feast

By Roydon D’Souza – Team Mangalorean / Co-Editor-

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Mangalore / Surathkal 04, October 2009: St. Christopher Association of Surathkal celebrated the annual feast at Sacred Heart Church, Surathkal today at 9:15 A.M. The association is stepping into its 15th year of existence.

The formal program began by invoking Gods blessing lead by Mr. Raymond Roche, Former President. Mrs. Celine D’Souza, President welcomed the gathering.

Mr. Peter Paul D’Souza, Vice President Parish Council, Mrs. Celine D’Souza, President, Mr. George Ligoury, Secretary and Mr. William Mascharenhas, Auditor were present on the dais. Rev. Fr. Antony Lobo, Parish Priest presided over the function. A floral welcome was given to the all the guests present on and off the dais.

The Oath was delivered to the members of the association by Mrs. Celine D’Souza, President. Later, Mr. Ronald Fernandes, Co-founder of St. Christopher Association of Surathkal paid a tribute to Late Gabriel Misquith, Honorary Member and Co-founder, St Christopher Association of Surathkal.

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The entire Airtel Telecom Network went down for more than 6 hours in some parts of Surathkal (Mangalore) today

29-07-2009 Surathkal, Mangalore: The entire Airtel telecom network went down in Surathkal (18 kms away from Mangalore city)  for more that 6 hours this afternoon after 2:00 P.M. It  has not yet recovered (its 8:00 P.M now). There are no official reports yet so as for why the network is not working.

The first problem I faced was when I tried to call my dad’s Airtel number (thank God mine is Vodafone), the quick response from Airtel was that the phone was switched off. Then I tried calling other residents of Surathkal from my contacts, the same problem continued. Then when I reached Surathkal my friends said the network was down from around 2:00 P.M and they were facing a lot of problems. Many of them missed some important calls and all that.. 🙂

So what do you think is the problem? Is it a technical fault in the tower or some backup generator failure? Whatever the reason is, the people of Surathkal  had to face a lot of problems today due to this technical glitch 😦

Lets hope for the best in the future from Airtel! 🙂